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Domains, Hosting, Websites, Emails, Online Campaigns & more!

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Website Audit

Identify keywords related to business and respective rankings on SERP. Understand expectancy from online audience, types of lead, conversions & what is expects out of leads.

Digital Marketing

What site your customers are currently visiting? What material is available on your website for visitors to define content marketing strategy based on objectives?

Online Campaigns

Responsive landing pages to outline for index prefaces of business brochures. Outline conversion strategy to collate leads from centralized digital user interfaces.

Our Projects

Arushi Green Energy

An experienced solar power consulting company. They deliver integrated sustainable solar energy production solutions. Our portfolio comprises of solar systems for private and commercial users as well as the public sector.

Visit ArushiGreenEnergy.com
Growth Hacking eMarketing

emarketing training

one page UI on house with growth hack sessions!

redefine business goals with strategic content marketing. responsive parallax driven on host of devices for better engagement.

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Opus Design Studio

Opus Design Studio designs creative spaces in both private and government sectors, covering full range of projects - corporate, commercial, industrial, retail, research, public, tourism, recreational, multi-residential, aged person housing, health facilities, educational, fast food outlets and hospitality industry.

Visit OpusDesignStudio.com
Street Art India

promote street art

create revolutionary ideas for outdoor advertising.

promote street art outdoor advertising and digital marketing services for brands, start-ups & websites.



BS Infrastructures Developers Pvt. LTD has the distinction of building up an EPC basis of more than 600 km of distribution lines, infrastructure up to 132 KV class for various power distribution utilities in India. On the strength of such impeccable execution of distribution projects, BS Infrastructures Developers Pvt. LTD has earned repeat business through its valued clients in India.

Visit BSIDPL.com
India Graffiti Run

Art Talk

learn to showcase/create your online portfolio

Your own website including domain name. Learn to build & manage websites easy like checking emails or updating status!

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Tripur BuildTech

Tripur BuildTech Pvt Ltd offers classiest Interior designers & decorators for home and office. We also manufacture customised designed furniture including turnkey interior solutions, landscape designers, terrace garden designers, design theme garden, farm house.

Visit Tripur.in
Tripur BuildTech

Our Services included

website, domain, hosting, branding, social & email.

Unparalleled benchmark of splendour and aptness as we introduce leading interior designing company from Delhi


Create compelling responsive visual storyline with parallax scrolling 3D effects driven by hashtag marketing.

Fanfare - Learn Digital Marketing

  • "User interface (UI) & user experience (UX) designs driven by strategic content marketing optimized for authoritative social signals. Hashtag #hshdsh for native content feed automated using social curation & strategic content marketing."

  • "Social signals are like inbound links, more links a site has linking to it, more it is seen by search engines as an authority for higher rankings. One Page UI is a form of elevation for websites, start-ups and brands."

  • "Use letters that you use on your signature as your hashtag signature. The key to owning an exclusive hashtag is using a combination of letters, numbers & underscores. #eBook: Guide to Social Media Growth Hack"

  • "Pallab is an online marketing manager, seeking challenges in digital marketing, online advertising, web analytics, and social media marketing among the primaries."

  • "Pallab has spent the last ten years in digital marketing with a strong emphasis on search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media optimization & email marketing."

1 Domain + 25 Emails + 500 MB Space + Responsive Website

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